Understanding Marginalization in Hasan Azizul Huq’s Short Stories

Md. Ibrahim Khalil

Hasan Azizul Huq (1939-2021), the eminent contemporary Bangla novelist and short story writer, essentially perceived the ongoing process of marginality, especially social exclusion, and highlighted the features and factors through his characters sincerely. In particular, he finds out the crucial crises prevalent in the society from remotest areas to advanced metropolis. In fact, he determines how marginalized people are forcibly pushed to the margin in terms of basic rights and advantages. The purpose of this study is to represent how Huq’s protagonists, either male or female, are directed to face inhuman state, social isolation and exclusion due to man-made famine, marginal identity and exploitation. Keeping political and socio-economic concerns in view, the study inspects how Huq’s protagonists are systematically framed to be oppressed, demeaned and marginalized in all possible ways.

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