The Management and Administration of Waqf Property in Bangladesh: A Study

Motasim Billah

Waqf literally means to determine the stability of substance to a particular person in which a specific property may be transferred permanently in order to religious or charitable purposes. As there is no specific mode to execute management of waqf property, but it can be executed through oral or written modes. Under the management of this kind of property, a Muslim can use this property and may earn money for the creator’s family, children and other descendants, if needed. For the execution and completion of a waqf, a mere bonafide intention and declaration of waqif is suf icient. This is because a Mutawalli cannot exercise any kind of illegal power. For the smooth management of waqf property, the dedication must be permanent and subject matter of waqf must belongs to the waqif. Sometimes it is found that a property (for example a mosque or graveyard) may be used for a long time or by immemorial user, in this case the process turned into waqf although there is no proof. However, the researcher emphasizes to find out any loopholes and recommendations for the development of waqf property management and administration in Bangladesh.

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