Incoherence Among The Rural Local Self-Government Bodies Of Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Habibullah

The three tiers of rural local government entities in Bangladesh namely the Union Parishad, the Upazila Parishad and the Zila Parishad which is suffering from jurisdictional problem i.e. which authority would be provided to them and which authority will lead them. With the help of literatures this study diagnosed, the formation and electoral process of these bodies are different as per their own ‘Ordinances’. No one of the bodies can enjoy full autonomy due to various interferences by different authorities. It is considered that the Union Parishad is comparatively successful despite many drawbacks. The partial success of this body cannot do enough to institutionalize democracy and ensure good governance. It was observed, that there should be an utmost attempt to make sure the coordination among the rural local bodies under the same unique arrangement. They mainly identified the problems of coordination and address the areas of non-coordination as well as provided some policy suggestions in this regard.

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