Participation of Aged Women in Family Decision Making: A Study on Two Villages of Khulna District in Bangladesh

Dipika Chandra

This study mainly focused to analyze the participation of aged women in family decision making (FDM) in rural areas of Batiaghata Thana in Khulna District of Bangladesh. Following survey research design, of the study was explanatory in nature and accomplished by applying the survey method and data were collected from randomly selected 200 aged women (60≥ years) among the total population of 416 aged women. The study was conducted to know their participation in family decision making (FDM) in two villages of Jalma union (both Raingamari and Sachibunia) under Batiaghata Thana in Khulna. The findings revealed that majority of the respondents of this areas had poor level of education which leads them lower occupational status as well as lower income level. This study focused on various factors which affect the decision making power of aged women such as age, religious status, monthly income, type of the family, head of household, type of residence etc. The study found overall medium participation of aged women in family decision making. This study also conclusively identified statistically significant relationship between the rural aged women and their participation in total decision making activities such as- participation in domestic activities (P<.000), money related matters (P<.000), social and political activities (P<.000), freedom of movement (P<.000)and leisure activities (P<.000). The study suggested that ensuring the involvement of these aged women in various family matters and giving proper respect and care, would increase their participation in various decision making activities.

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