Implementation of Labor Rights: A Study on Construction Workers of Bangladesh.

Khan Habiba Mustarin

The building and construction sector is a vital sector and contributes expressively to the GDP of Bangladesh. Despite various protective arrangements, mishaps still happen at work sites and this area is at higher risk of construction accidents. That’s why this work site can be assumed as an unsafe zone for both laborers and the municipal. Due to a range of misfortunes happening on these sites, the contractor will have to recompense the cost related to accidents in the form of higher insurance premiums. But this amount is not adequate for the labor. Another mentionable point is that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is one of the vital resources to guard workers against dangers in the workstation is also absent in work sites. This study is framed to find out the level of knowledge and consciousness of construction workers on PPE usage and their rights. It was found in this study that the level of awareness and knowledge among workers on the appropriate use of PPE is moderate. Construction site mishaps can be further reduced with the suitable application of PPE willingly by all laborers.

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