Food Security through Vulnerable Group Feeding Program: Lessons from Union Parishads’ of Bagerhat Sadar Upazila

Rani Sultana

Food is one of the basic needs of human being. Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF) program aims at ensuring food security for vulnerable people in Bangladesh. This paper aims to explore the status of food security through VGF program at Bagerhat Sadar Upazila. The result of this study is presented based on independent variables.  Here dependent variable is food security and independent variables are accessibility, food quality and food utilization. The study found that beneficiary accessibility to this program is high, food quality of this program is moderate and the ratio of food utilization is high among the beneficiaries. At the same time there are some allegations regarding quality of provided foods. It is also found that the government employees are very much apathy towards the quality of goods provided under VGF program. Sometimes appropriate food reservation system is not maintained properly that is why those provided goods easily become spoiled. Finally, this study identifies the few gaps to be studied in further research. The involvement of this study lies in its finding out a real scenario of food security through Vulnerable Group Feeding Program under Social Safety Net.

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