Examining the Possible Effects of COVID-19 on Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment: A Bangladesh Perspective

Tabassum Zaman

Foreign direct investment has a multidimensional impact on an economy. Developing countries consider it as a driving force in meeting their economic targets. In the wake of COVID-19 the economic sustainability of many countries is at stake. Considering the global pandemic as a game changer the economic potentiality of FDI is needed to be explored by the developing countries. Accordingly, the general objective identified the effects of COVID -19 on FDI inflow in Bangladesh. While the specific objectives defined the potential threats and opportunities that may emanate from the pandemic in the country. The study is designed by a mixed method to analyze data to evaluate the study findings. The micro and macro level threats and opportunities of FDI inflow in the country were highlighted by this study. The study found that the challenges are not less than the opportunities that the economy can offer to FDI at this moment.  Based on FDI’s past performance and present status this study prescriptions may accordingly be considered as a revised guideline for screening FDI in the country to address this pandemic and the following unforeseen events.

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