Determinants of the Effect of COVID-19 in Bangladesh: Binary Logistic Regression Analysis Based on an Online Survey


Nupur Paul1, Adhir Chandra Paul2,*, Md Asabur Rahman3, Md. Moynul Islam4

The unprecedented CVID 19 fallout is a worldwide public health problem influencing both developing and industrialized nations and has major consequences for human health as well as social and economic development. This study was conducted to isolate the potential determinants during the impact of COVID 19 in Bangladesh and find out to associations with socioeconomic, demographic, and nutritional feasible multiplier.Here,public survey link was shared on social media platform such as facebook, twitter and messenger, targeting participant individuals who had been tested or isolated for COVID 19 morbidity. The survey title was “Determinants the effect of COVID 19”, and questions, focused on wide COVID 19 influencing factors and presentation to prevent bias. After that, we have analysed data through the binary logistic model.The sample size of our study was 862.The overall effect of COVID 19 was 72.6% whereas urban area was 41.02% and rural area was 31.04%. Our study shown that family members, family income are strongly association with the effect of COVID 19 at 95% confidence interval. Therefore, the effective rate of COVID-19 is increasing day by day which imply the policymaker to established a way which may reduce the effect of COVID-19 on the society of Bangladeshi individuals.

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