COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Aftermath: An Outward Analysis on the Socio-Economic Impacts in the Context of Bangladesh

Md. Yasir Arafat Arman

As a global epidemic, the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has created unprecedented vigorous impacts on lives and livelihoods across the globe. It has substantially destabilised the healthcare system, economy, and society as a whole beyond the borders. Among the South Asian nations, socially and economically, Bangladesh is one of the worst-hit countries caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has instigated some social and economic instabilities across the country. Along with the dismal economic turmoil in the country, the people of Bangladesh have passed a dusky environment in all sectors in the last couple of years. This study mainly endeavours to unfold the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic on the socio-economic impacts the country has experienced. This article basically focuses on an outward analysis to assess the social impacts and measure the economic losses of the country. To explore and assess the socio-economic impacts of the virus, the content analysis method was harboured by the author. In essence, this article draws an epilogue recommending the policymakers to formulate an inclusive economic philosophy and address multidimensional poverty rather than growth-centric ideology.

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