About this Journal

About this Journal: The BAUET Journal is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed and annual journal for publication of original research papers, review articles and case studies from a wide sources dealing with all aspects of science, engineering, technology, agricultural, business, social sciences and other related fields that significantly contributes for the development of national and international scientific community.

All submitted manuscripts are subject to rigorous peer review to ensure they make an important and novel contribution in the respective subject area. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by two or more experts in the fields, and a decision will return to the author for revision. The authors are required to edit/revise/rewrite their manuscript based on the comments of the reviewers.
Manuscript submitted to BAUET Journal must be original and not published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors submitting a contribution to BAUET Journal who have related paper under consideration or in press elsewhere should upload a clearly marked copy at the time of submission and draw the editor’s attention to it in their cover letter.

Author is fully responsible for the contents of paper and need to get permission from previous publisher or copyright holder if an author is re-using any part of paper e.g., figure(s), published elsewhere, or that is copyrighted. The editors consider all the materials in good faith that their journals have full permission to publish every part of the submitted material including illustrations. For plagiarism issues, authors should take its responsibility. If plagiarism is found, the manuscript would not be considered for publication in the BAUET Journals. Additionally, journal will contact the author’s institute and funding agencies for the necessary action.

Before submission authors should carefully read over the journal’s Author Guidelines, which are provided below under heading “Author Guidelines”. Prospective authors should e-mail an electronic copy of their complete manuscript via:
msaifuli2007@gmail.com or md.momtazur.rahman@outlook.com or editor@journal.bauet.ac.bd

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BAUET official Website:  www.bauet.ac.bd